1316 N. Myers St - Burbank, CA

We had a great experience using John Acklen, Jr. as our real estate agent who sold our Burbank home. Selling property is something we haven’t done in 18 years- we knew we needed competent representation! From the moment I met him, I knew John had the qualities that I consider necessary for success in this field- he is personable, energetic, interested in the other person, bright, creative, fearless and knowledgeable.

We shopped for a real estate agent by going into other open houses for months before we were ready to go on the market. If an agent ignored us there or let us walk out the door without finding out that we were his/her next prospect, I knew that one did not have the guts or fire I was looking for! That happened frequently, but that didn’t happen with John. He put us at ease, learned that it was our wedding anniversary that day, and sent us home with all the leftover snacks and drinks from his open house! He carefully followed up with me by being nice: checking in on our progress in readying for our house sale, not hounding us, letting us know he was available if we needed advice, and asking for the chance to give us a market analysis.

When we were ready, John was the first person we called to interview for the job. Frankly, all agents provide a similar analysis and say the same things about what to expect when you sell. John and his partner, Winston Nelson, shared stories about their past sales that gave us insight into how they’d handle the unexpected when it arises. They gave us immediate and reasonable feedback about simple changes we should make in the property to optimize a good impression for buyers. They demonstrated excellent communication skills and old-fashioned good manners; a handwritten thank-you note that came in the mail. (A little bit of that goes a long way with me.) We interviewed several; it was an easy decision to sign with John and his company.

Real estate paperwork for sellers consists of quite a pile: John knew how to assist and when to hold back. The staging and the photography services he and his partner provided were top notch, as well as all the details he covered for us, such as getting professionals over to complete some final, last minute changes. John held a Broker’s Open and an open house and we had multiple offers in 5 days and a quick sale for $20k over the asking price.

At one point in the process, the buyer had a financial reversal and we feared the deal would fall through, but again, John handled this crisis well. He did not panic. His calm manner and skill at communicating helped everyone involved to hang in there. We ended up closing on time with the same buyers. It was tense for a while, but John remained vigilant and professional throughout. Above all, we knew we had a strong and competent advocate on our side in John Acklen, Jr.

It should be clear that I recommend John Acken, Jr. highly and without reservation. If you retain his service to market and sell your real estate property, I am sure you will glad you did. We are!

Gail and Irv Peters